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Welcome to, your gateway to the many programs and services of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), the nation's largest regional education agency. Under the leadership of Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools Arturo Delgado and the County Board of Education, LACOE supports 80 public school districts and numerous other agencies in ensuring educational excellence for the region's two million preschool and school-age children.

LACOE's headquarters are located at 9300 Imperial Highway, Downey, California 90242-2890. Phone: (562) 922-6111.



LACOE is a premier provider of integrated, educational programs and services, from birth to adulthood, in a richly diverse and multicultural global environment.

LACOE uses a variety of service delivery systems to eliminate the educational barriers associated with poverty and racial divisiveness in education, enabling students to exceed state and national standards. These services include universal, quality, early childhood education, effective data driven programs for all students, and state of the art technical assistance.

LACOE organizes its infrastructure to provide leadership in creating unique, nationally recognized models in education, including models for innovative staff development and training. LACOE earns the public's confidence by: making the school the hub of the community, making the most efficient use of financial resources, bridging the "digital divide" in technology access and content, and developing collaborative partnerships for students, parents, and community. LACOE embraces a culture of diversity that promotes an inclusive, prosperous learning and workplace environment.


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Educational Services for LACOE Students

§ Goal One: All students will leave LACOE programs with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their educational pursuits in school and/or the community.

Services to Districts and Schools to Increase Student Achievement

§ Goal Two: LACOE will support school districts in Los Angeles County in their work to close the achievement gap, and to educate all students to achieve high standards of excellence.

School Readiness, 0-5

§ Goal Three: All children in Los Angeles County will enter kindergarten prepared to succeed in school.

Fiscal Accountability and Human Resource Management

§ Goal Four: All LACOE employees will be high performers, committed to the organizational mission, and accountable for results.

§ Goal Five: LACOE financial resources will yield maximum results, and support the attainment of organizational goals.

§ Goal Six: LACOE and all districts in Los Angeles County will maintain fiscal solvency.

Customer Service to Internal and External Clients

§ Goal Seven: Clients will find LACOE services and resources to be of exemplary quality and value.

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