Special Education

Teaching to the margins, bringing marginalized students center-stage.


The Special Education Unit provides professional development, technical, specialized, consultative, advisory, and field-based services to schools and districts. Professional development opportunities can include facilitation of instructional programs and program needs for schools and districts as they implement the California State Standards (including Common Core State Standards) and the CAASP, particularly as those initiatives relate to the particular needs of students with disabilities.

For additional information, please contact Dr. James McKenna at mckenna_james@lacoe.edu or (562) 922-6651.
UDL for AdministratorsUDL for Administrators
CIS is offering support for administrators on Universal Design for Learning. The 1-day workshop will provide an overview of UDL, methods, examples, and tools for supporting teachers. Further, we will explore the underlying research basis and consideration for implementation....Read more
UDL: Getting StartedUDL: Getting Started
CIS Special Education and TeachStar Online are partnering to bring you "UDL: Getting Started", an online course for teachers to begin implementing Universal Design for Learning. This course will be offered in the Fall of '17....
Resource for Implementing SBAC SupportsResource for Implementing SBAC Supports
LACOE CIS Special Education has created the "Timeline for Implementing SBAC Supports" - a WHO does WHAT WHEN guide for action that can be adapted to fit the idiosyncrasies of your site/district. You can find the timeline, as well as all the supporting documents and resources, in the SBAC livebinder....Read more
Curated Resources for Educators!Curated Resources for Educators!
CIS SPED has created and will continually update its LiveBinder "Theory and Practice" with resources for practitioners. Feel free to submit additional resources or suggest new areas for coverage by emailing mckenna_james@lacoe.edu. You can access the binder through the "Links" section. ...