Los Angeles County Office of Education Staff Directory
Los Angeles County Education Center (EC)
9300 Imperial Highway
Downey, CA 90242-2890
Phone: (562) 922-6111 
FAX (562) 922-6768

Education Center East (ECE)
9525 Imperial Highway
Downey, CA 90242-3009
Phone: (562) 922-6111 
FAX (562) 803-8446
Education Center West (ECW)
12830 Columbia Way
Downey, CA 90242-4720
Phone: (562) 922-6111 
FAX (562) 922-6362
After Hours: (562) 922-6666
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Name/Job TitleTelephoneEmail AddressLocationDepartment
Abarca, Gabriela
HS Program Development Specialist
(562) 922-8808 Abarca_Gabrielanull@nullLACOEnull.edu Head Start Santa Fe Springs HS-SPS Planning & Resources Development (PRD)
Abdo, Judy
Board Member
(562) 922-6128 Abdo_Judynull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 113 Los Angeles County Board of Education
Acevedo, Carren
Consultant II
(562)922-6622 Acevedo_Carrennull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 371 Regional System of District and School Support
Acosta, Mr. Fernando
Labor Relations Advocate
(562) 803-8458 Acosta_Fernandonull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 500 Office of Labor Relations
Adams, Tracy
(562) 803-8299 Adams_Tracynull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW CIS: College and Career Readiness (AVID)
Adelman, Howard
(213) 763-3897 Adelman_Howardnull@nulllacoenull.edu DCFS-Metro N. Foster Youth Services
Agrawal, Rajiv
Development Manager
(562) 922-8889 Agrawal_Rajivnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 247 PeopleSoft
Aguilar, Mary
Senior School Clerk
(323) 343-2553 Aguilar_Marynull@nulllacoenull.edu Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Division of Student Programs (DSP)
Ahuja, Mahendra
Senior Accountant
(562) 922-8857 Ahuja_Mahendranull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1065 Controller
Akhtar, Muhammad
Application Architect
(562) 922-6401 Akhtar_Muhammadnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 2201 Web-Based Applications Development & Support
Alam, Abrar
HS Fiscal Liaison
(562) 922-8834 Alam_Abrarnull@nulllacoenull.edu Head Start, Santa Fe Springs HS-State Fiscal Controls and Accountability (FCA)
Alamsjah, Susie
Principal Systems Specialist
(562) 803-8262 Alamsjah_Susienull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1141 Pupil Attendance Accounting/Compliance
Albright, David
Facilities Planning Officer
562-803-8460 Albright_Davidnull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 129 Facilities and Construction
Alford, Lovell
Head Start Program Manager, Fiscal Controls and Accountability
(562) 940-1759 Alford_Lovellnull@nullLACOEnull.edu Head Start Santa Fe Springs HS-State Fiscal Controls and Accountability (FCA)
Allen, Rhonda
Career Development Program Specialist
(323) 420-2331 Allen_Rhondanull@nulllacoenull.edu GAIN, Southwest Special GROW Southwest Special (O/M, Job Club, CORE)
Allen, Arlette
Senior Credentials Specialist
(562) 922-6515 Allen_Arlettenull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 1044 Certification Section
Allen, Ashley
School Psychologist
(562) 803-6648 Allen_Ashleynull@nulllacoenull.edu Los Padrinos JH Division of Student Programs (DSP)
Allen, Lucy
Senior Accounting Clerk
(562) 803-8245 Allen_Lucynull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1057 Building Services
Alleyne, Brenda
Intermediate Typist Clerk
(562) 922-6387 Alleyne_Brendanull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 180 Support Services Unit
Alva, Silvia
Division Secretary
(562) 803-8398 Alva_Silvianull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1186 Accounting and Budget Development (ABD)
Alvarado, Antonette
Senior Division Secretary
(562) 922-8610 Alvarado_Antonettenull@nulllacoenull.edu ECE 400 Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN)
Alvarado, Dennae
Student Worker
(562) 940-1827 Alvarado_Dennaenull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1017 Controller's Office, Administrative Services
Alvarez, Carolina
Head Start Program Manager,Training and Technical Assistance
(562) 803-8934 Alvarez_Carolinanull@nulllacoenull.edu Head Start, Santa Fe Springs HS-SPS Program Design & Effectiveness PDE
Alvarez, Aurelie
Senior Accountant
(562) 803-8213 Alvarez_Aurelienull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1118 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act/Medi-Cal Administrative Activities/Other Programs
Amiya, Thomas
Distance Learning Resource Specialist
(562) 401-5657 Amiya_Thomasnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 250 #2329 Center For Distance and Online Learning (CDOL)
Anapol, Greg
Transition Counselor
(818) 222-1130 Anapol_Gregnull@nulllacoenull.edu Camp Gonzales Division of Pupil Services (DPS)
Anatalio, Joseph
Senior Systems Specialist
(562) 922-8861 Anatalio_Josephnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 1209 Technology Infrastructure Services (TIS)
Anaya, Denise
Lead Credentials Technician
(562) 803-8380 Anaya_Denisenull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 3250 HRS - Credentialing & Certificated Recruitment
Anderson, Deborah
HS Program Manager, Community Outreach
(562) 401-5682 Anderson_Debinull@nulllacoenull.edu Head Start, Santa Fe Springs HS-SPS Planning & Resources Development (PRD)
Anderson, Jim
SELPA Director
(562) 401-5737 Anderson_Jimnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 213 LAC Court Schools SELPA/LAC Charter SELPA
Andrade, Vibiana M.
General Counsel
(562) 922-6123 Andrade_Vibiananull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 299 Office of General Counsel
Andres, Nimfa
Principal Accountant
(562) 922-6451 Andres_Nimfanull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 2120 Revenue and Apportionment Unit
Andrews, Casper
School to Career Transition Specialist
(562) 803-8296 Andrews_Caspernull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 2062 Transition Special Needs (TSN)
Aneke, Peace
Administrative Services Manager
(562) 803-8598 Aneke_Peacenull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 152 Contracts Section
Anthony, Pamela
Human Resources Specialist
(562) 803-8371 Anthony_Pamelanull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 398 HRS - AESOP Help Desk & Substitute Staffing
Aranda, Yessica
Certificated Contract Consultant
(562) 940-1770 Aranda_Yessicanull@nulllacoenull.edu Head Start Santa Fe Springs Head Start-State Preschool
Arcega, Irma
Payroll Specialist
(562) 803-8426 Arcega_Irmanull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1180 Payroll
Arencibia, Eileen
Career Development Program Specialist
(562) 922-8656 Arencibia_Eileennull@nulllacoenull.edu ECE Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN)
Argerich, Christina
(562) 922-8731 Argerich_Christinanull@nulllacoenull.edu Buena Vista PAU Division of Special Education (DSE)
Arguta, Verlita
(562) 922-6455 Arguta_Verlitanull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 2053 Commercial Claims Section
Asprer, Alvie
(562) 922-6789 Asprer_Alvienull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 3196 Community Health and Safe Schools (CHSS)
Atkinson, Stephanie
Budget Technician
(562) 804-7392 Atkinson_Stephanienull@nulllacoenull.edu Pace School Division of Special Education (DSE)
Au, Pam
Systems Specialist
(562) 922-6577 Au_Pamnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 1070 STRS
Augustine, Thomas
Career Development Program Specialist
(310) 761-2226 Augustine_Thomasnull@nulllacoenull.edu South Special CORE & Orientation
Ausensi, Ibis
Language Interpreter
(562) 401-5434 Ausensi_Ibisnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 2153 Multicultural Pupil Services Offices (MPSO)
Auzenne, Nathan
Career Development Program Supervisor
(818) 764-8312 Auzenne_Nathannull@nulllacoenull.edu GAIN, Burbank/North Hollywood Burbank/North Hollywood Job Club—Region VII
Aviles-Fuentes, Christina
Division Secretary
(562) 922-8945 Aviles-Fuentes_Christinanull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 2189 California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN)
Ayers, Stacy
Consultant II
(562) 922-6033 Ayers_Stacynull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW Regional System of District and School Support
Ayres, Dallas
Accounting Technician
(562) 940-1835 Ayres_Dallasnull@nulllacoenull.edu ECW 1151 Accounts Payable
Ayson, Ares
Enterprise Financial Systems Consultant
(562) 922-6825 Ayson_Aresnull@nulllacoenull.edu EC 2131 Financial Systems Section