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By the time she turned 9, Eva Brettler witnessed the horrors of the Ravensbrück concentration camp for women and children, survived forced labor in a brick factory and heard the rifle shots that killed her mother.

Brettler retold her story of survival during the "Echoes and Reflections & Elie Wiesel's Night" workshop organized by LACOE's Instructional Technology Outreach Division on March 22.

She detailed her experience in Europe's death camps as the Nazi regime was falling apart, her liberation by the Allies and eventual arrival in the U.S. "We must never forget the horrors of the Holocaust, for if we do it will happen again," Brettler said.

LACOE is doing its part to keep the memory alive. The workshop provided an introduction to the education resource "Echoes and Reflections," allowing time for educators to explore the standards-based print and digital resources available to help students study the Holocaust in a manner that stimulates engagement and critical thinking.

"Holocaust study is vital for our students in terms of civic engagement and knowing that our democracy must be protected and nurtured," said Julie Drake, LACOE Multimedia Services manager. "This workshop brought resources to teachers."

Individual stories such as Brettler's and Elie Wiesel's memoir, "Night," help personalize the Holocaust, making the events relatable to today's students.

The Anti-Defamation League's "Echoes and Reflections" program offers digital resources from the University of Southern California's Shoah Foundation and Yad Vashem. These resources are searchable on LACOE's MediaSnap.

Click here for Brettler's full story.

Photo: Eva Brettler holds one of the few surviving photographs of her mother and aunt. Most of her family were among the six million Jewish victims of the Nazi death camp system.

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