Regional System of District
and School Support

Helps Schools and Districts Raise
Academic Achievement for ALL Students


The LACOE RSDSS helps meet the needs of schools and districts serving Title I students. It is part of a statewide system of school support to help ALL students meet the state’s academic content standards.

This support system delivers and brokers resources to districts and schools in need of improvement.

RSDSS is also a partner to School Improvement Grant (SIG) schools who are implementing the California State Determined Intervention Model.
Featured Services
School Improvement Grant (SIG) PartnershipSchool Improvement Grant (SIG) Partnership
SIG supports LEAs that demonstrate a strong commitment to provide adequate resources to raise the performance and progress of students in their lowest-performing schools. RSDSS can partner with your school, if you choose the California State-determined Intervention Model. ...Read more
Tony Frontier Speaker Series: Engaging in the “Right” WorkTony Frontier Speaker Series: Engaging in the “Right” Work
Thursday, October 20 (Day 1): Matching Standards, Learning Goals, and Rubrics with Quality Assessments Participants will learn how to create rubrics that align to these assessments, and that can be use formatively and summatively....Read more
Transitioning to a New Accountability System: UpdateTransitioning to a New Accountability System: Update
Dr. Ilene Straus shares an update on California's new accountability system in this Video Presentation from August, 2016. ...Read more
Technical AssistanceTechnical Assistance
Here is an overview of the services that RSDSS can provide for your Title I school or district. ...Read more
Collaborative InquiryCollaborative Inquiry
Administrators and site leaderships teams work together to participate in a model of inquiry, analyze local data, collaborate about instructional practices, identify emerging needs, create school-wide goals, and plan follow-up professional development to support instruction. ...Read more