Academic Decathlon
Intent To Participate Form
Intent to Participate Contract
  Use this form to generate your payment of $300 per team and make checks payable to LACOE
This form is due August 19, 2019. 
Absolutely No forms will be accepted after this date.

We hereby request our team's participation in the 2019 - 20 Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon (LACAD) competition. We have read the entire Participation Rules located on the LACAD website and agree to follow the Policies and Procedures and will accept the interpretations and decisions made by the LACAD Coordinator. Both the decathlon coach and the school principal agree that it is our responsibility to: 

•  Complete the Team & Volunteer Online Registration process and mail in the $300 participation fee, Student Transcripts, GPA Computation Worksheets and the Student Contracts by December 2, 2019.
 • Maintain and provide an active school and personal email address as the primary means of communication.
 • Use the LACAD website as the primary means of obtaining information, forms and documents.
Submit all team roster changes online by January 3, 2020. We recognize that it is the coaches responsibility to obtain a printout of the roster with the changes, in the event there is a discrepancy with the roster on competition day.
 • Check in and sign the team roster on both competition dates.
 • Understand that students who are no shows on Day 1 are not eligible to compete on Day 2.

Please scan and attach a copy of a letter from your principal that has the following components:

  • Confirmation that they have read and agree to the Intent to Participate Contract.
  • Their signature