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Session 1

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From Camp to Community: Creating a Successful Student Transition/Aftercare Plan

Jason Hasty

Tapau Osborne

Discuss the many barriers facing students transitioning from the juvenile justice system back to their communities. Strategies will focus on how to build collaborative partnerships with key agencies. The session will explain how the model for LA County was created and the process to support success.

Working for You!

Pamela E Gibbs

Sam Nasher

This presentation will provide an in- depth look at the legislative process and how LACOE positions develops and sponsors legislative bills.  There will also be a discussion of how the Governmental Relations office interacts with other LEAs and statewide organizations in support of or in opposition to legislation and budget proposals.

Why We Need Civic Learning – LACOE Takes the Lead

Dr. Michelle Herczog

Civic Learning is not some fluffy elective for students who have extra time on their hands.  It is a core subject that begins in Kinder. Learn how LACOE is taking the lead to support civic learning countywide and what you can do to help districts understand how it can impact their LCAP, their Dashboard, and the future of American democracy. This session also addresses the important role of the new History/SS Framework and its themes of inquiry, literacy, content and civic learning.

Martians, Icebergs and You! Courageous Change Leadership at LACOE

Mary Lang & Workforce Transition Team

Come and learn how to lead change from anywhere in the organization and hear about LACOE's culture initiative and survey. Working in small groups, participants will leave with two new powerful leadership tools to start immediately leading change and transformation courageously at LACOE

Navigating Organizational Storms Through Workplace Investigations

Dr. McDuffie

Sarah Niemann

This presentation will provide managers with the guidelines and protocols for conducting investigations in the workplace.  Covered will be common mistakes made as well as provide guidance for how to handle allegations when they first arise.  Scenarios will be presented to participants and opportunities for dialogue in small group settings.

Leading the Way with the California Way

Dr.Tammy Gabel

This presentation will provide an overview and introduction of the California Way, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, and share resources about how LACOE instructional staff can participate.

Session 2

Workshop Title


Ride the Wave to Parent Engagement

Maricela Ramirez

The presentation will cover the shift in parent involvement within the Juvenile Court Schools. From limited access for parent engagement opportunities to increase the role of the parent and create a model of “ownership of education”.


Part 1

Smart Phones in Young Hands: A Wave to Ride or a Wave That’s Crashing?

Eric Hass

Part 2

BEST: Four Waves on the Horizon

Paul Landry

Part 3

Fishing for the Right Fit

Scott Pilch

Quick Talk Part 1: Awareness of the pros and cons of today’s student technology usage. The Quick Talk will review recent trends and research. Participants will also develop a self-awareness of their own tech usage.

Quick Talk Part 2: A review of the BEST Project Implementation Phase, which includes four waves of district implementation. Participants will be given an opportunity to share how they will be impacted and how their division can lend expertise to the BEST Project to serve our customers.

Quick Talk Part 3: The presentation will help leaders learn effective strategies when making hiring decisions. It will include tutorial on creating effective interview questions, examples of effective questions, and provide some strategies of evaluating candidates beyond just asking interview questions

Restorative Classrooms: The Watermark for Change

Mark Scott

The need for “restorative classrooms” and creating a positive school environment results in decreased behavior issues, suspensions and expulsions. It generates a sense of community and trust. In this session participants will learn the basics of circle based activities and will participate in the process.

Serving Immigration Students

Vibiana Andrade

Participants will learn about LCOE’s “Safe Location” policy as we navigate the often difficult waters of federal and state statutes around immigration.

May I Have This Dance: The Art and Science of Working with Adult Learners

Donna VanAllen

This presentation is designed for those who design and deliver training to adult learners. Participants will define and identity the 6 key adult learning principals, discuss elements of learning styles that impact adult learners, and discuss learning obstacles for adults and identify strategies to avoid them.

Session 3

Workshop Title


Key Performance Indicators and Score Card Goals

Greg Lindner

An overview of KPI’s and score cards will be presented with several examples of educational KPI’s.

Drug Trends Challenging Student Achievement What’s What with Weed?

Dr. Monica Sanchez

This is part 2 of last year’s presentation and focused entirely on marijuana. Learn more about marijuana policy in CA and LA County in particular, current trends among youth and young adults, issues challenging student achievement and resources available to help.

Engaging the Disengaged

Diana Velasquez

This presentation will provide an overview of our award-winning education model of incorporating a thematic, interdisciplinary, project-based approach (TIP) for our at-risk students.  In addition, this presentation will also give a foundational understanding of the therapeutic LA Model at Campus Kilpatrick

Impero-Take Control! (Digital Management Tool in Action)

Rebecca Robertson

The presentation of software for network management, internet safety, and classroom management will commence with a brief description of the functions capable to utilize with the program. An interactive session will follow allowing the participants to see and do the functions in action. Resources such as training support will be available to participants.

Tell Your Story in a Minute or Less

Frank Kwan

Participants will learn the basics of speaking effectively to a group of people in a structured deliberate manner intended to inform or influence the audience.