TOY Application Materials & Forms Checklist

Teacher of the Year candidates must complete and submit the following essays and forms to the Communications Department, 9300 Imperial Highway, Downey, CA 90242-2890, Attention: Susan Bishop. The entire application is due on or before Monday, June 11, 2018, 5:00 p.m. Absolutely no late applications will be accepted! Refer to the Program Information & Application Instructions for complete details.

      2019 TOY Application (click here to download)
    Introductory Letter (1-2 pages)
Professional Biography (250 words)
Professional Resume (3 - 5 lines per category)
1. Student Progress (500 words)
2. School-Community Involvement (500 words)
3. Philosophy of Teaching (500 words)
4. Educational Issues and Trends (750 words)
5. The Teaching Profession (750 words)
6. National Teacher of the Year (750 words)
    School Schedule
    Letters of Support (3 Letters Only - 1 page per letter)
     SUPPLEMENTARY SHEET—(1-page fill-in form click here to download
     PERSONAL MINI-PROFILE— (up to 150 words)
     PORTRAIT PHOTO—(Must meet specifications)
• 5” x 7”original print – not a photocopy or digital printout
• Color glossy head shot of the teacher only. No group shots.
• Contain the teacher’s name, school and district on the back of the photo.