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Below lists the resources and vidoes to support you with training for School Site Councils (SSC) and the development of the School Plan for Student Acheivement (SPSA).  These resources support the disitrct and school site leadership in the planning process to meet the intent and legal requirements of your SSC. The primary purpose of the SSC is to develop a quality SPSA as well as monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of programs for increased student acheivement.   The attached files are available in a format which are editable and customizable to your district or school site needs.  

Related Files Listed Below: 

  1. School Site Council PPT Template -  This powerpoint provides an overview of SSC roles and responsibilities, composition and selection requirements, legal requirements, frequent non-compliant items,  and the steps in developing a School Plan for Student Achivement (SPSA).  
  2. Self Reflection to Evaluate SSC 
  3. Training Topics for SSC Checklist
  4. SSC Composition Checklist
  5. SSC Required Agenda Items
  6. SSC - SPSA Calendar SAMPLE
  7. SSC - SPSA Calendar Template
  8. Schoolwide Program Requirements Checklist
  9. Sample SSC Bylaws provided by California Department of Education (CDE)
  10. FAQs Needs Assessment and Root Cause Analysis, provided by CDE
  11. Guidelines for Quality Minutes
  12. Parent Advisory Committees (required)
  13. SSC Legal Citations - Education Code
  14. SSC Training Power Point in Spanish (Please note this ppt has not been updated to reflect AB 716, effective January 2019)

Also provided are two videos, focused on specific SSC training topics.  Keep in mind -These videos do not replace the continuous training at the site.  SSC members will need ongoing training and support to be best informed in their decision making role.The videos are designed to be used with a knowledgeable facilator to answer questions and clarify concepts as they are introduced. Feel free to pause the videos throughout the viewing to encourage discussion and questions. 

SSC Training Videos 

(Please note: Although these videos were developed in Fall 2015, the topics of SPSA Development and SSC Roles and Responibiliites did not change after the passage of AB 716, effective January 2019) 

  • SSC Training on the SPSA Development Video (20 min.)
  • SSC Roles and Responsibilities Video (11 min.) 


VIDEO Development of the School Plan for Student Achievement (20 min.)


VIDEO SSC Roles and Responsibilities (11 min)


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