Financial Management Services


Financial Management Services (FMS) performs a variety of state mandated functions, including the fiscal oversight of school districts.

We are required by law to review and examine the budget and interim reports prepared by the school districts in order to determine whether or not the district can meet its financial obligations in the current and two subsequent fiscal years.

Assembly Bill 1200 (Chapter 1213), Statutes of 1991, which was further expanded through Assembly Bill 2756 (Chapter 52), Statutes of 2004, outlines the county superintendents’ legal standards and responsibilities in assisting with school district fiscal stability.

FMS Responsibilities:

  • Data analysis and reconciliation to validate accuracy of budget and interim data
  • Review the financial and budgetary conditions of the school districts and JPAs, in compliance with state criteria and standards, to ensure that they meet their financial obligations
  • Identify risks that could impact budget and financial data 
  • Approve Annual Budgets for school districts and JPAs 
  • Review and certify Interim Reports
  • Review and certify Unaudited Actuals
  • Conduct audit reviews to develop and implement corrective action plans
  • Review and certify the Annual Audits of school districts and JPAs
  • Review Public Disclosures of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Review Nonvoter-Approved Debt
  • Coordinate Average Daily Attendance (ADA) reporting and certifications between school districts and the State
  • Analyze enrollment and unduplicated pupil count reports
  • Certify Property Taxes
  • Provide training and assistance to school district CBOs and other fiscal staff
  • Coordinate countywide meetings for school districts and JPA staff, covering relevant topics and providing pertinent, timely fiscal information
  • Review school district LCAPs for fiscal compliance
  • Provide LCFF updates and calculations
  • Provide State and Federal apportionment data
  • Provide State Budget data based on January and May Proposals 


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