Claiming SMAA

How can my district participate?

Claiming Units must:

  • Contract through the LEC or LGA in your region
  • Assign program and fiscal contacts
  • Attend trainings and meetings
  • Provide Time Survey Participant data – payroll, shifts, etc.
  • Participate in State-approved time survey methodology (Random Moment Time Survey)
  • Program contact person to train Time Survey Participants, and remind them to answer RMTS
  • Maintain an 85% moment response compliance rate
  • Provide and certify LEA-specific data – Medi-Cal eligibility rate, indirect cost rate, and other fiscal data
  • Submit an invoice for reimbursement
  • Maintain an operational/audit file

How does the LEC assist my LEA?

The LEC will:

  • Assess the SMAA program to ensure appropriate participation
  • Provide technical assistance training to LEA Staff
  • Administer and oversee the RMTS process
  • Conduct ongoing quality assurance reviews
  • Validate LEA data
  • Generate the SMAA Invoice
  • Submit detailed quarterly invoices to DHCS on behalf of the LEA
  • Review the operational plan for quality assurance and compliance
  • Monitor compliance of LEA with all Federal, State, and DHCS program requirements
  • Represent LEAs at State-level meetings
  • Represent LEAs during State and Federal audits
  • Maintain LEC audit binder

Who can claim as participants in my district?

There are various positions in your district who provide SMAA-related activity as part of their regular duties that can participate in SMAA. Some examples include, but are not limited to: Psychologists, School Nurses, Credentialed Counselors, Principals, Special Education Professionals, Audiologists, Speech Pathologists, and many more. These participants can claim SMAA as long as they are not fully Federally funded.

Eligible Job Categories in Participant Pool 1 and 2

Random Moment Time Survey (RMTS)
Moment Generation

Prior to the start of the survey quarter, LEAs must enter and certify their academic calendars into the RMTS system software platform. LEAs are also responsible for compiling their Time Study Participant (TSP) list to upload and certify in the RMTS system software platform. Once the calendars and TSP lists are reviewed and approved by DHCS, the LEC will generate a total of 5,522 random moments, (2,761 from each cost pool). LEAs and participants will be notified 5 student attendance days in advance prior to their assigned moment.

Survey Process

RMTS first started on January 1, 2015, for 2014-2015, Quarter 3. Participants are randomly selected and assigned a random one-minute moment. Once the moment has occurred, the participant must record their activity for their moment by answering the following three questions:
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • Why were you performing this activity?
Once submitted, this information will be sent to the LEC’s central coding staff where the activities will be analyzed and coded using the 18 SMAA codes.

Click here for more information on the SMAA Random Moment Time Survey (RMTS)