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LACOE's Green Team, a project of the Division of Facilities and Construction, is a vehicle for strategic planning on energy and resource efficiency and a forum to share best practices in support of AB 32 (lowering greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020). Representatives from a wide variety of LACOE Divisions regularly meet with the goal to COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE and SPARK CHANGE in the LACOE community by encouraging energy and resource efficiency.

Click here to learn three simple things that you can do right now to be more environmentally friendly at work and home.

Click the video to the left to hear from Chef Paul Buchanan about eating fresh from the farm produce.
Mindfulness @ LunchMindfulness @ Lunch
Reduce your stress by practicing visualization and breathing techniques at Lunch...Read more
Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events
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Green Team Meetings, Presentations, Event ResourcesGreen Team Meetings, Presentations, Event Resources
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Green Ambassadors InstituteGreen Ambassadors Institute
A message from the Environmental Charter School......Read more
Energy Audit Tools and ResourcesEnergy Audit Tools and Resources
From the presentation at LACOE's 2016 Leadership Conference and the 8/23/16 Green Team meeting....Read more
I Love the Idea of Going Paperless, But I Can't Do it Yet. What Else Can I Do?I Love the Idea of Going Paperless, But I Can't Do it Yet. What Else Can I Do?
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Paying per pound means...Paying per pound means...
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Articles and VideosArticles and Videos
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Dodger Ticket Winners and Ideas for Greening LACOEDodger Ticket Winners and Ideas for Greening LACOE
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Ridesharing at LACOERidesharing at LACOE
LACOE has a Rideshare program with monetary incentives for carpooling, vanpooling, using public transit, bicycling and walking (any mode that does not include a single driver!).  Learn more here.
Rideshare Tracking Form can be found here.
LACOE's Shuttle Schedule can be found here....
The Footprint of the Personal PrinterThe Footprint of the Personal Printer

At our administration buildings, we have approximately 800 employees.  As of April 2013, we had 700 personal printers that use 551 different types of toner.  These numbers are excessive and support our nationwide culture of consumption that is not sustainable.

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Did you know that the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle will light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours?