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At our administration buildings, we have approximately 800 employees.  As of April 2013, we had 700 personal printers that use 551 different types of toner.  These numbers are excessive and support our nationwide culture of consumption that is not sustainable. Switch to printing to a Toshiba and LACOE saves 33% on the cost of each page!

Below is an overview of the steps that must be taken when you order or use a personal printer for your office/workstation in lieu of utilizing the Toshiba copiers as printers that are available for all staff at each site:

  • Staff time to research printer models and proper supply orders
  • Staff time to prepare a requisition in PeopleSoft
  • Time spent obtaining approvals from multiple people
  • Staff time for Purchasing to process the requisition into a PO and fax/ email the vendor
  • Time, energy and cost for the vendor to package, label, and ship product
  • Gas used and pollutants produced from the vendor transporting the product
  • Time and energy for warehouse workers to open boxes and receive products in the PeopleSoft system
  • Staff time for the warehouse to  label and list asset numbers  for Inventory control on each printer purchased
  • Staff time for  Inventory Control to enter all the asset information into a permanent inventory tracking database
  • Staff time for the Warehouse to repackage both printers and supplies in preparation for delivery to the end user
  • Time and energy for warehouse staff to load printers and supplies into a delivery vehicles when going to other buildings
  • Gas used and pollutants produced from the LACOE Warehouse when delivering the product to the end user
  • Staff time for Technology Services to unbox and install printers
  • Surplus staff time to transport and dispose of old printers
  • Each time supplies are ordered for new personal printers, most of these steps are repeated

In addition to the intangible costs to obtain a printer or its supplies, there are costs to the environment in the initial production of the equipment in emissions, electricity charges throughout the life of the equipment and limits to what can be recycled, which puts a huge burden on the earth.

A typical desktop printer uses 200 watts of electricity when it is in sleep mode which translates to $150 per printer per year.  With 700 printers, we waste an estimated $105,000 per year!

Benefits of using the Toshiba printers rather than personal printers:

  • Saving 33% on the cost for printing each page!
  • Supplies are included when using the Toshibas. For the Ed Center buildings, a full toner cartridge is available at all times in each copy room. Staff will never need to process an order for toner.
  • For school sites. When toner supplies are low, staff calls the 800 number listed on the machine and toner is delivered to the site. No requisitions or paper work is necessary.
  • If you use the Toshiba printer, you will never need to order a new printer again, as it is maintained by Reprographics and Toshiba.
  • If it is low on toner, there is one type of toner that is stocked in our warehouse and it is replaced every few months.  The toner is just plant-based ink inside a plastic bottle that is made of recycled plastic.  That bottle is re-used until it cannot be reused anymore.  When it can’t be reused, it is recycled into another product for Toshiba.

Printing Confidential Documents:

“I need a printer at my desk because I print confidential documents!” The Toshiba printers all have a setting that you control in your print screen menu where you set a password and the printer will not print until you walk over to it and select your job and enter in your password.

Distribution of Toshibas:

If you’d benefit from having a Toshiba in close proximity to you but do not have access to one currently, the first step is to contact Reprographics to request that they locate one near you.  Here are the rest of the steps that you’d need to take before it would be operational for you:

1.       Request that Technology Services map the copier/printer to your computer and install the correct print driver
2.       Request a copy code from Reprographics
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