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In May 2015, we asked for your ideas on what LACOE can do to be more green.  Two hundred and forty-nine ideas were submitted.  The most commonly submitted ideas were related to:
  1. Reduce water usage: from no or low-flow toilets to installing less water intensive landscaping
  2. Minimize personal energy usage: plug office equipment into power strips that can be powered down at night- except your CPU which should stay on, turn lights off, find an 'Energy Advocate' in your area who can check that equipment and lights are off at the end of the day
  3. Expand trash and recycling services: have separate collection bins for compost, recycling and trash
  4. Minimize paper usage: expand use of digital forms, records, notices, etc with the goal of moving towards being 100% paperless at LACOE
  5. Create a comprehensive Employee Education Program on sustainability at LACOE: hold regular Green Events, train Energy Advocates for peer-to-peer sharing and increase communication
  6. Increase indoor environmental quality with more natural light and thermal comfort
At random, we drew five winners to receive Dodger Tickets.  The winners were:
  1. Michele Biagioni
  2. Rita Magana
  3. Alex Smith
  4. Sarah Sandoval
  5. Jean Law
Thank you for your enthusiasm, time and thoughtfulness that went into the submission of ideas for ways that LACOE can be more energy and resource efficient.  Now ask yourself, "What can you control in your personal space that will decrease LACOE's energy and resource usage and are you doing it now?!? If not, what's stopping you?". 

Stay tuned as we provide a list of all ideas that were submitted and we'll report back to you on what we are doing regarding each item.

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April 2016 Update:
As reported at the 4/8/16 Earth Month event, we've summarized all the ideas that were submitted and wanted to report back to you on what types of actions are being taken on the ideas.  Some items were already in progress or are still being worked out.  Other ideas were great, but not feasible for our buildings at this time.  Click here for the list.
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