PC Budget


PC Budget is the budget module of the Human Resource System (HRS). It uses key information from the HRS and PeopleSoft Financial systems to help users develop and monitor budgets and perform a wide-range of financial analyses. Unlike the other HRS modules, PC Budget is operated by district staff and resides on the hardware of each subscriber district.

For more information contact the PC Budget Support Unit at (562) 922-8838.
Featured Services
The PC Budget Support Unit:
  • Helps districts obtain appropriate LACOE resources needed to perform business functions;
  • Ensures PC Budget is functioning as designed and provides functionality needed to develop, monitor and perform duties required to maintain budgets;
  • Provides comprehensive user support and technical assistance;
  • Provides conveniently scheduled hands-on training sessions to help users optimize system features; and
  • Analyzes districts' PC Budget setup and provides recommendations for ensuring accuracy of system generated salary and employee benefit projections.