CTE Course Outlines

The links to the LACOE-CTE Course Outlines below include the CTE Model Curriculum Standards and the following:
• Course Summaries
• Course Outlines Aligned with Common Core Standards
• Course Proficiencies

Many of the courses were UC approved for LACOE and are available for review; however, districts and ROCPs must apply directly to UC in order to obtain their own approval.  

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Landscape & Turf Maintenance/

Energy, Environment, and Utilities


Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Media Support and Services

Office Occupations

UC Design Principles of Web Design

UC Media Design and Development

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Audio Production

Commercial Photographer

Film & Video Production
Professional Dance
Stagecraft Technology

UC Animation

UC Dance I

UC Dance II

UC Dance Ensemble

UC Digital Photography

UC Film & Video Production I

UC Film & Video Production II

Engineering and Architecture

Computer Assisted Drafting and Design


Introduction to Engineering Design

Principles of Engineering


Manufacturing and Product Development

Graphic Communications

UC Graphics Design

Building and Construction Trades

Building Construction

Fashion and Interior Design

Fashion Merchandising and Technology

Marketing, Sales and Service

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

UC Business Management/Project ECHO

UC Business Management/Virtual Enterprise

Business and Finances

Financial Services: Banking and Insurance

Health Science and Medical Technology

Health Careers Academy

Health Occupations

Medical Assistant: Front and Back

Sports Therapy
UC Sports Medicine

Public Services

Law Enforcement

Security Services

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Careers in Education

Child Care Occupations

UC Principles in Education

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Culinary Arts

Food Service Occupations



Automotive Technology