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CRT Toolkit

CRT Toolkit

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) provides guidance and direction for charting LACOE’s continuous journey towards being a more equitable and just anti-racist organization. This work includes internal work within the LACOE organization and external work focused on the services and support that we provide to the students, educators, and communities that we serve.

We hope that you find the information and resources presented here to be useful. We are firm in our resolve and commitment to take bold steps “to be a transformational agent of change in collectively leading our schools, programs, and 80 districts in creating a more just educational system.”

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  • Resources You Can Use

    Resources You Can Use

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development

  • Supporting African American Learners

    Supporting African American Learners

  • EDI Blueprint and Relevant Data

    EDI Blueprint and Relevant Data

The Los Angeles County Office of Education is committed to racial equity and social justice by creating an environment that provides equal access and opportunities for all students and staff. We must systemically reject and disrupt inequitable and racist practices within our own organization and within the local education agencies, we serve.

This work begins with inward reflection and continues with an examination of the existing structures that contribute to the marginalization of students, families, and staff.

Adapted from LA County Superintendent of Schools and LA County Board of Education Joint Board Resolution No. 29
June 16, 2020