Equity, Access and Curriculum Support Unit

Welcome to the Equity, Access and Curriculum Support Unit (EACSU)


The EACSU provides professional development services to support Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in providing equitable access to educational opportunities for all learners. Offerings include equity leadership workshops and virtual meetings, customized site-based equity leadership support and other capacity-building opportunities.

EACSU provides countywide coordination of the California Distinguished Schools Program and serves as liaison to LEAs and parents for information on Gifted and Talented Education Programs (GATE). EACSU also conducts applied research and program evaluation studies through its technical capabilities.

Contact Kathryn Edwards, Ph.D., Coordinator III, at edwards_kathryn@lacoe.edu

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California Distinguished Schools Program
California Distinguished Schools ProgramCalifornia Distinguished Schools Program
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Gifted and Talented Education
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National Association for Gifted Children
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