Breakout Sessions





Best Practices for All Learners: How Highly Successful Charter Schools Approach Special Education

Kate Dove, CCSA

Gayle Nadler, MLC

California Charter School Association

Engage with findings from a year-long, statewide qualitative study of ten successful California charter schools to see what really works in special education. Learn about positive behavior supports, restorative justice, and inclusion along with new technologies and approaches for effective intervention

Beyond Implementation to Innovation: A Walk-through Our PBIS Journey Towards Systemic Change and Sustainability (2-part series)

Katherine Morrillo-Shone, Ed.D.

Ashley Hedrick

Mario Aubert

Suzanne Whalen-Aspgren

Tricia Twiford

Judy Macia

Steve Blair

Maria Campbell

Wendy Stokes

Johnny Reyes

Pomona Unified School District

Take the journey with Pomona USD to become versed in a systems-approach to capacity-building through Professional Learning Communities. 

Building Bridges Between Accommodations and Classrooms Using Universal Design for Learning

Yasmin Dorado; Kathy Mercier

Antelope Valley Unified High School District

This presentation will review classroom accommodations, principles of UDL (Universal Design for learning), brain research on how students learn and why engagement is the key.

Collaborative Teaching as a Support for Career and College Readiness

Suzanne Cronon

Brian Redmond

La Canada Unified School District

A brief overview of the Multi-level Tiered System of Services (MTSS) utilized at La Canada High School will be discussed including RtI as an interdependent program mixing Multi-tiered System of Supports with RtI¹ and RtI² Mathematics support, and the Collaborative Teaching Model.

Digital Transition Portfolio: Innovative Transition Planning for the 21st Century Learner

Angela Fields

Kathryn Taylor

Antelope Valley Unified High School District

The Antelope Valley Union High School District (AVUHSD) has journeyed into the 21st Century with an innovative solution using Google Suites

for preparing students with exceptional needs for post-secondary education/training, career, and independent living.

Dyslexia and Eligibility Under the IDEA and Section 504

Sundee Johnson
Carlos Gonzalez
Kristin Myers

Atkinson, Adelson, Loya, Ruud, & Romo

Legal experts will review the identification as well as legal requirements and implications of Dyslexia 

Focus on Inclusive Services: Implementing a Collaborative Itinerant Model

Anne M. Richardson-Gibbs, M.A.

Estelle Charlebois, M.A.

Kelly Foster, M.A.

Monica Hidalgo

El Monte City School District

This session will present an overview of models of inclusion currently being used in the El Monte City School District. A panel of inclusion specialists will discuss the successes and challenges of implementing the itinerant model.

LACOE Head Start Response to Intervention

Dana Jacobson, Ed.D.

Rebecca Lundeen, Ed.D.

Tony Wo, Ph.D.

Veronica Cohen, M.S.


This workshop will explore the applicability of a Response to Intervention framework in early childhood education. For the past six years, LACOE Head Start has been designing, implementing and evaluating an RTI model to support children’s social-emotional learning.

Legally Speaking: Multifaceted FAPE and IEPs - Substantive Compliance Challenges

Summer Dalessandro

Anahid Hoonanian

Lozano Smith

Engage in an advanced discussion of the requirements for substantive FAPE under the IDEA. Attendees will leave this session with tools and tips on how to ensure solid assessments and programming to stave off disagreements and FAPE disputes.

Peer-Mediated Support Strategies: Promoting Collaboration Between Students with and without Moderate-to-Severe Disabilities

Gina Capobianco, NBCT

Roybal Learning Center, LAUSD

Drawing on the experiences of Roybal Learning Center students, this presentation will explore the implementation of peer-mediated support strategies with students who have moderate to severe autism. 

Preschool Assessment Clinic (PAC): Investing in a Dynamic Model

Lourdes Hernandes, M.A.; Jenny Tobias, M.S.; Kimberly Wood-Miranda 

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

This presentation will discuss the district-wide shift from static to dynamic assessment models in preschool-aged children. The Preschool Assessment Clinic (PAC) was a solution to establishing authentic, flexible, and dynamic assessment practices that measured responsivity, strengths and needs, and learning potential.

STOP, COLLABORATE, and LISTEN! Using 21st Century Digital Learning to Bring ALL Students Together (BYOD)

55 Minute Session

Marcia Nial

Erin Sutch


Learn how to integrate web-based collaboration tools to instantly add levels of engagement that are fun, interactive, and non-threatening for SPED students, and to foster collaboration with their peers.

The RSP Team: Collaboration as the New Norm

Juventino Gutierrez

Janae Martinez, M.Ed.

Andrea Reyes, MA

Lydia Sandoval-Harris; Lourdes Serrano

Geronimo Delgado

Mandy Jepsen, MA

Soledad Villanueva

El Rancho High School 

This presentation will focus on how a collaborative, multi-faceted RSP "TEAM" approach helps meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of the RSP students in the general education setting at the high school level. 

When Does a Reading Challenge Become a Disability?

Laura Ryan, Ed.D.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Learn how the Napa Valley Unified partnership model reduced our Students with Disabilities (SWD) achievement gap – while we dramatically reduced the number of students who were eligible for special education.