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Literacy Lifts Conference 2019
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About Literacy Lifts

Literacy Lifts January 2020 Flyer

Literacy Lifts is an annual conference featuring some of the best authors and speakers in the field. The focus is on supporting all students in literacy development and breaking through barriers to learning. Keynote speakers inspire and ignite the passion we all need to keep persevering in this work, while literacy leaders from all corners of LA County present best practices in breakout sessions. Don’t miss this fantastic event!

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Keynote Speakers

Francisco Stork

Award-winning author of Marcelo in the Real World and Disappeared


Francisco shared his powerful story as a Mexican immigrant who overcame personal struggles to eventually attend Harvard and Columbia Law School. He realized his lifelong dream to become a writer, publishing 7 novels. His 3rd novel, Marcelo in the Real World, is from the perspective of an autistic teenage boy who is trying to make sense of the “real world.” This important story sheds light on what we can learn from students who have different learning styles and how we can help them succeed.


Kenneth Morris

Founder of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiative


Being the great-great-great grandson of the legendary abolitionist Frederick Douglass is both a blessing and a burden. Ken shared how he came to embrace his family legacy and turn his life into a fulfillment of that legacy by combating modern-day human trafficking. His story is one that both inspires and ignites, and proves literacy truly is the key to finding success and purpose.

Award Winners
Beth Dalton Memorial AwardBeth Dalton Memorial Award
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It's My WriteIt's My Write
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