LACOE's Charter School Office (CSO) accepts charter petitions and revocation appeals on behalf of the Los Angeles County Board of Education, and is responsible for facilitating the petition review and appeal process. The CSO also coordinates the monitoring and oversight of charters authorized by the County Board, and provides general information and technical assistance to both county and district authorized charters.


    LACOE CSO Vision

    To be a global model in which all educational partners work collaboratively in building a community where all students have high quality, unique, and equitable educational options that are responsive to their needs.


    For questions or concerns regarding any charter school operating in Los Angeles County click here to submit your inquiry.

  • For Students & Parents

    For Students & Parents

    Questions and concerns regarding charters schools authorized by the County Board may be directed to the Charter School Office by telephone or email. We will help you identify the authorizing entity if it is not the County Board.

  • For Petitioners

    For Petitioners

    The CSO is responsible for accepting charter petitions and appeals on behalf of the Los Angeles County Board of Education and facilitating the petition review and appeal process.

  • For Authorizers

    For Authorizers

  • For LACOE Charter Administrators

    For LACOE Charter Administrators

  • Business Charter School Unit (BCSU)

    Business Charter School Unit (BCSU)

    The Business Charter School Unit (BCSU) is the principal contact for all direct funded charter schools operating within Los Angeles County, including LACOE and California State Board of Education authorized charters, to establish apportionment funding disbursement. BCSU also provides multiple levels of business services support including financial systems operations for payroll, budgeting, procurement, accounts payable processing as well as retirement reporting submission to CalSTRS and CalPERS.

  • Los Angeles County SELPA Charter

    Los Angeles County SELPA Charter

    The Los Angeles County Charter Special Education Local Plan Area is one of four such entities in CA dedicated to serving students with disabilities. The SELPA empowers its members to deliver high-quality special education programs and services.