Business Charter Schools Unit


We provide various types of business services for charter schools within Los Angeles County, including:

1. Funding disbursement
2. CalSTRS and/or CalPERS retirement reporting
3. Financial system processing for budgets, procurement, accounts payable via PeopleSoft and CGI Advantage
4. Human resource system for payroll and benefits processing
5. Credentials certification services
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General Business Questions can be directed to:
Philip Thi:  (562) 922-8693
Gail Reardon:  (562) 401-5574
Kevin Chen:  (562) 401-5439

Charter School Retirement Questions Related to CalSTRS and/or CalPERS should be directed to:
Nekeara Ellzey (CalSTRS Related Questions):  (562) 922-6824
Tatiana Stevenson (CalPERS Related Questions):  (562) 922-6573