Charter Petition Submission & Appeal Process

Documents & Forms

 This page provides petitioners with information regarding the submission of petitions and appeals to the Los Angeles County Board of Education. The links provide an overview of the review process, forms needed for the submission package, information on the manner in which submission is made and timelines governing submission and consideration by the County Board. In addition to the charter petition, the submission package must include required forms and supporting documents.


The County Board accepts three (3) types of appeals after action by a local school district board:


Call the Charter School Office at (562) 922-8806 for information regarding the review process.



Petitions Submitted Directly to the County Board

The County Board may directly consider the initial petition for two (2) types of charters:




The County Board also directly receives renewal petitions for the charter schools it has authorized.

The County Board also receives and reviews material revisions to charters authorized by the County Board.

Additional Information for Petitioners