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Welcome to the Employee Assistance Service for Education website. EASE is an assessment and brief counseling service to employees of our member districts and their families. In addition, EASE provides consultation to managers and supervisors on dealing with emotional issues in the workplace. This website serves as an introduction to our program and the resources available to the members we serve. Our goal is to provide you with convenient access to a broad range of services. We encourage you to explore all of the other links on our page as well, and to bookmark our site for future reference. To communicate with us, call our 24/7 access line 1-800-882-1341.

EASE is Available-2020

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Membership InformationMembership Information
Joining is EASE-y. EASE contracts with L.A. County school districts and community colleges to provide counseling services to their employees and immediate family members.  Find out more information on how to enroll in our Joint Powers Agreement....Read more
RIF ResourcesRIF Resources
Dedicated to assist LACOE staff affected by the current Reduction in Force (RIF). This content will be regularly updated so please check back frequently. ...Read more
Counseling ServicesCounseling Services
EASE provides confidential counseling services to employees of school and community college districts that participate in our Joint Powers Agreement. Find out more about how to receive counseling services....Read more