Membership Information for Districts

The Employee Assistance Service for Education (EASE) program was established by a Joint Powers Agreement between the Los Angeles County Office of Education and member districts in October 1982. EASE is a confidential and voluntary service offering professional counseling, consultation and education to district employees.

  • Counseling and referral for personal concerns, such as parenting, relationship difficulties, and balancing work and family life.
  • Consultation with supervisors and managers regarding workplace issues, such as interpersonal conflicts, managing a troubled employee, and coping with crisis.
  • Education on managing constant change, prevention of workplace violence, and the impact of alcohol and drug use on the job.
  • Value-added services such as stress management workshops, anger management tutoring, and post-trauma debriefings.

As districts have searched for ways to reduce health care costs, the expenses associated with participation in the EASE Joint Powers Agreement has remained at $10.20/year per employee. This fee includes counseling for family members in addition to the after-hours emergency calls, worksite consultation, and critical incident responses.

For information about joining the consortium of districts, contact the EASE Office at 800-882-1341.