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Hope is an equal opportunity resource.  A new year has arrived and EASE would like to encourage you to be hopeful. Having hope feels good and is good for you.  Hope is a combination of four components: goals, action, social support and direction.


Hope is not wishing – it is an action plan.


It is the expectation that something good is going to happen; not letting opportunities pass you by and having others provide encouragement.  It is being realistic and staying focused on the goal.


Hopeful people are more likely to take action when met with disappointment.  They are also more likely to try new things. They do not get discouraged easily and are often a cheerleader for others.  


Believe that you can make things happen. Have confidence to shape your life and the motivation to reach a desired outcome. Focus on how to get there — the routes and plans that will allow you to achieve the goal: whether that is finding a better job, surviving a loss or just losing a few pounds.


Make this New Year hopeful! Your attitude of hope will end with a sense of satisfaction that you achieved your goals.  


EASE has counselors if you want to talk (800) 882-1341.

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