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A United Front Is Powerful

We are going to have conflicts whether we like it or not—it is part of life. Conflicts are everywhere – in your home, workplace, and the community.

Healthy conflicts are possible. In fact, it is essential for highly effective teams. If you want to be part of a high performing team, you must expect conflicts to be a part of it.

For a team to experience good healthy conflicts, the foundation of trust must be laid. Conflicts can be healthy when it is respectful and not personal. When we control the exchange of conflicting points of view, we build trust, security and invite diverse points of views that lead to better decisions.

When conflicts are mismanaged, it can cause great harm to relationships. When handled in a respectful positive way, conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen bonds.

Practice self-control:

Stay Calm – Your initial reaction made out of emotion will never be your best response. It is best to take a moment to regroup before having a reaction you might regret. For best results, I suggest the “24-hour rule.” The reasons are, first, to let you cool down and to make sure you have thought through the issues.

Listen to Understand - Reflect empathy. The ability to show you understand how the other person feels is perhaps the single most powerful communication skill. Be open and flexible. Listen and really hear the other person.

Accentuate the Positive – Be a role model. Giving positive feedback will teach others to do the same.

State Your Case Tactfully - Be creative while trying to figure out the best solution. It is always wise to adjust to some extent and try to find a solution to the problem.

Attack the Problem, Not the Person –Brainstorm. Feel free to think outside of the box. Remember that everything is negotiable.

Avoid the Blame Game – Take responsibility for yourself. Know when to let something go. If you cannot come to an agreement, agree to disagree.

Celebrate Agreement! – Find win-win solutions. Go to lunch to celebrate the resolution.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Utilizing these tools takes patience and will resolve most disputes. If you need help solving conflicts, seek advice. EASE has counselors available 800-882-1341.

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