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We all get overwhelmed. When you are stressed, you can feel it rising. Stress spirals into that sickly feeling – almost like a buildup.


Physical health problems have a relationship to stress. The reaction is known as fight-or-flight. If we don’t manage stress the body starts to break down. We can manage stress by taking care of our physical needs and by changing our thinking.


Anxiety and depression are fueled by your thoughts. How you choose to think will affect your mood and your behavior.


Lean and practice methods to control emotions:


  • Shift your attention. Positive self-talk empowers the individual to tolerate and manage symptoms. Negative attitudes and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can upset the body's hormone balance and deplete the brain chemicals required for feelings of happiness and calm.


  • Worry is the result of wrong thinking. You could waste a lot of time and energy thinking about things you can't control. Take a deep breath and focus on what you can control.  


  • Do you have more things to do than you can get done? Ask yourself, “Am I wanting things to be perfect?” Being organized is a way to minimize and manage stress: it helps us to maximize our time and energy and get the most important things done.


  • Relaxation techniques empower individuals to have a sense of control over their symptoms. Commit to spending time each day or throughout the week doing relaxing and enjoyable activities such as physical exercise, spending time in nature or socializing with friends.


You could always find something that aggravates you every day. Most of us have stress throughout the day in some form, whether we realize it or not. The good news is, you can let it go…


Choose to have a calm and well-balanced mind. EASE has counselors if you want to talk 800-882-1341.


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