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Storms will come. Life will happen. We may not be able to control the inner storms any more than we can control the weather.


How you go through the storm and your attitude while in the storm, all have an impact on who you will be, coming out of the storm.


Our storms speak to WHERE we are; not WHO we are.


Even though you will experience seasons of difficulty, never lose hope no matter how hopeless it seems. Some days you may feel overburdened. Some days you may feel drained. Don’t give up.


Stay focused and rise above the storm:

  • Give the storm time to clear. Every storm passes. Making major life decisions when in that condition is not a wise idea.
  • Do what you know to do. Don’t sit back and get depressed, stop working or doing what needs to be done.
  • Filling your mind with worried and nervous thoughts will only continue to brew more anxiety and hopelessness.
  • Be intentional about feeding your mind with healthy, positive inputs that builds you up.
  • Be alone when you need to be, but surround yourself with healthy, life-giving relationships, caring individuals who can provide you with encouragement and strength. You need it.


As difficult as it might sound, it is possible to stay calm amid the storms of life:

  • Take time for yourself to recharge.
  • Keeping calm is prevention. Do not let the circumstances affect you.
  • Workout - take every opportunity to move your body like taking the stairs and standing up when you can.
  • Music can instantly change your state of mind. Take a quick break to listen to a song to change your mental state.
  • Breathe - Taking only a few deep breaths is enough to control stress.


The inner storms of life can be overwhelming. Rise above the storm. Just remember, after every storm there is a rainbow. Look for your rainbow.


EASE has counselors if want to talk 800-882-1341. Strength is the courage…to reach out!

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