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Is your communication style collaborative?



Communication is the foundation of all relationships, both business and personal. Good communication in the workplace is essential and helps to improve morale, increase efficiency and create healthy working relationships.


Today's workplace demands a more collaborative model of communication.  This means a change in perspective from "me versus you" mentality to an "us versus the problem" point of view. Attacking the problem rather than the person develops a collaborative atmosphere.


¨     Being able to listen well to hear the concern under the words is a large part of effective communication.

¨     Speaking in a confident open manner communicates caring and strength.

¨     Maintaining eye contact when talking communicates reciprocal attention.

¨     Owning personal responsibility for your part in the discussion communicates strength and a willingness to collaborate.

¨     Looking forward (opportunity), not backward (blaming) encourages “win-win” resolution.

¨     Remembering common sense and common courtesy in our communication—in person and online— is essential.


Using cooperative strategies such as jointly analyzing problems, self-disclosing, demonstrating respect, validating the other’s views, offering suggestions designed to meet both parties’ interests and accepting responsibility for the conflict demonstrates this collaborative style. If you would like to talk with a counselor call the EASE Office at 1-800-882-1341.





“Strength is the courage…to reach out!”

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