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Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Expressing thankfulness is important. Letting others know you appreciate them helps create harmony and balance in your relationships. We all want to know that our efforts are making a difference. This is true because a thankful heart provides something within that enables people to more effectively live together, love one another, and fulfill their responsibilities to their mate, their children, and their friends on and off the job.


Often it is challenging to be thankful when we live in a consumer culture that would have us feel constantly unsatisfied and bombarded with pressure to have things. Do we need the latest, greatest or new anything? Attempts at having things will focus attention on what you don’t have. Changing your focus on what you do have will change your perspective and allow you to open your eyes to the many things in life that surround you and often times go unnoticed.


Think a bit and then make a list of the things you enjoy:

  • Flowers
  • Sunshine
  • The smell of the morning after a rain
  • The sunrise or sunset
  • Holding a baby
  • Your dog greeting you with joy…


The things you are thankful for are embedded in your memory and cherished for the remainder of your life. If you find it hard to be thankful for the things in your life and believe you have nothing to be thankful for, then perhaps talking with a counselor might offer you a change in perspective. For free confidential assistance and referrals with legal, financial, employment or mental health issues, EASE counselors are available to speak with you 24/7 by calling (800) 882-1341.

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