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Holidays are often times when we experience heightened emotions. We may feel overcome by

loneliness and if we have lost a loved one, this is a time when we may feel that loss all over again.

Here are some tips to help:

1. Take “calm down” breaks: spend a few minutes at the beginning or end of the day to close

your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. Relax and try to visualize something that offers

you comfort.

2. Put on rose-colored glasses: try to put yourself in the shoes of whomever may be annoying

you. When your aunt urges you to “take more pie”, try to remember she’s just doing so

because she cares about you.

3. Get moving! Exercise to help reduce stress & anxiety. That long walk from where you parked

and where you want to go will be a nice opportunity for you to get rid of tension and elevate

your mood.

4. Watch what you eat & drink: too much sugar, alcohol and caffeine will do your body no good.

Enjoy the treats, but do so with moderation.

5. Balance what you do for others, and what you do for yourself. If you’re depleting yourself of

energy, what good will you be for others? Take time for yourself to prevent yourself from

overdoing it.

6. Be generous—not with material items, but with compliments & kindness. Now is the time to

thank that friend, or to do a favor for someone who is going through a tough time.

If you would like to speak with a counselor, call 1-800-882-1431.

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