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If your school wants to stay on the leading edge of student choice, enhance the student

and parent experience by making a good first impression. Making schools more

welcoming can start with something as simple as encouraging staff members to smile.

Excellent customer service begins at the initial greeting, whether that's in person, on the

phone, or via email. In all of these situations, using good people skills will increase the

chances for a positive first impression.

Student and parent experiences with the school will impact whether or not students return

the following year. People that have a positive experience with a school will likely tell

two or three others about their experience, according to Consumer Affairs website.

Therefore, quality customer service can be a source of promotion for organizations.

Parents and students have a right to expect good customer service. If you've ever had a

bad experience with a company, you know that it's not easy to forget the encounter.

A person who has a bad customer service experience will likely tell between nine and 20

people. When it comes to communicating negative experiences, word travels very fast,

especially with social networking.

You are your school - understand that you are vital to the school’s customer service plan

as you are the first point of contact for most students or parents either on the phone or as

they enter the door.

Making your school customer-friendly involves giving of your time, talent and patience

while performing your job. Good customer service comes from people who like people

and enjoy being nice.

Your feelings of joy and thankfulness show through your smile. If you are exhausted and

have loss your sense of pleasure, EASE is available to you, call 1-800-882-1341 to talk to

a professional.

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