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Ping or Swish! It is your smart phone – do you read it quickly and respond? If it is a

call, do you take it or let it go to voicemail? Our phones are powerful tools that enable

us to have instant access to information and communication. When used appropriately,

these devices can make our lives easier and more enjoyable. When used at the wrong

time and in the wrong manner, these same devices can get us in trouble.

At work, is your cell phone visible on your workstation or put away? Having your cell

phone at work can be useful but it can also be very disruptive.

Cell phone tips for the workplace:

 Give 100% focus to the person in front of you. If you are looking at the phone, the

nonverbal communication is “You’re not important enough to me”.

Working parents should consider using cell phones to communicate with children

during breaks or lunchtime.

 In meetings, avoid “reading under the table.” It’s not only distracting and

discourteous to the speaker, but also to those around you.

 In a cubicle, turn your mobile device to silent. Let voice mail take the call if you

step away for a cup of coffee or a meeting.

Take personal calls in a private place. Keep personal calls to a minimum so that

you don’t appear unfocused to your team or your boss.

Never use your cell phone in the restroom. You never know who might be in

listening range.

What’s the message you want to send to those around you? Cell phone etiquette requires

common courtesy and is good to maintain in the workplace.

Smart phones at work can have negative consequences such as lowering productivity,

bringing stress from personal issues to work and creating bad manners. If you are feeling

the pressure to stay connected but still feel isolated or stressed out, contact EASE by

calling 1-800-882-1341 to set up an appointment to meet with a therapist.

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