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Summertime is here, the weather is warm and it’s the season of family vacations. But family vacations can be stressful: planning them, affording them, etc…
Sometimes, people need a vacation after the vacation! Hence, the “staycation”— using vacation time to stay at home and relax. No stress about what to do, where to go or how to afford it. It may be an opportunity to nurture and rejuvenate yourself. Here are some fun ideas to do while on a “staycation”:
Get some extra sleep if possible.
Try to exercise, since your work schedule may make this more challenging.
Get together with friends.
Go on a walk, catch a movie or grab a bite to eat with someone you care about.
Read a book that’s for pure enjoyment.
Get a massage.
Go away for just one night; there are some fun apps out there for last minute deals in hotels.
Attend to any medical issues you may have put off; now is the time to take care of your physical well-being.
Watch the Summer Olympics and be impressed by all of the athletes.
For those of you who do decide to go on vacation, keep your expectations realistic. If you set the bar too high, you will be disappointed. Recognize that it won’t be perfect, and anticipate an adventure!
Remember to call the EASE office if needed: 800-882-1341. We can be part of your staycation, or help you set the expectations for a vacation. Happy Summer!
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