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“A calm sea never made a skillful mariner.” (Author Unknown)

In this world you will have trouble. No one is immune to life’s trials and tribulations.

It is possible to pass through trials with integrity and grace. Every trial and every problem offers an opportunity to learn.

With the right attitude, our trials can transform us:


·         Think positive thoughts about yourself.

·         Reframe from complaining about your circumstances. Determine to look for solutions.

·         Always remember - opinions limit potential.

·         Take a backseat and let people live their lives. Minding your own business brings great peace.

·         Do not gossip, judge, or criticize. Inspiration is a much more effective motivator.

·         Most importantly, be thankful and say so...


How well you endure trials is up to you. You can feel sorry for yourself and ask, “Why me?” or you can choose to find new ways to grow.

Look for the treasure in your trial. Believe that something good will come out of it. Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Trials are ultimately needed to grow in character. One learns custom-designed lessons during trials – they mold, strengthen, and perfect us.

Remember that everyone has challenges. We do have the power to choose how to respond. We may not be the masters of our fate, but we are the captains of our souls.

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