LACOE Budget Overview


Welcome to the webpage dedicated to providing information about the Los Angeles County Office of Education budget. LACOE’s budget, like those of other California County Office of Education (CCOEs), offers a unique perspective into the fiscal planning and management associated with regional educational governance in California. 

At the heart of California's educational system, CCOEs function as an intermediate service provider between the California Department of Education and local school districts. Their budgets, therefore, require a more macroscopic view, reflecting the wide array of services they offer across county lines. While school district budgets primarily focus on individual school operations, instructional materials, and salaries, CCOEs have broader responsibilities and funding needs.

In addition, CCOEs directly manages schools for specific student populations. LACOE operates schools for justice involved students, as well as the Los Angeles County School of the Arts (LACHSA) and the International Polytechnic High School (iPoly). Funding for these operations is typically separate from standard school district budgets and can come from targeted state, federal, or local resources.

Please watch this video to learn more about LACOE’s budget