Social Media Assets Toolkit

The resources on this page were developed to support the 80 school districts in Los Angeles County and share tips and information with their teachers, parents and community.
Visual Assets for Download

LACOE developed the following messaging for school districts to use in newsletters, emails, social media posts and other communications in order to support their parents in a remote learning environment. Download the files below for use in social media and other posts.

• 5 Tips for Parents

Topics include:

1.     Create a Dedicated Learning Space.

2.     Develop a Schedule.

3.     Mix Screen Time with Traditional Media.

4.     Communicate with Your Child.

5.     Stay Connected.

Files are below for each of the topics and have been formatted for Facebook and Instagram (1080x1080) and Twitter (1200x675). Animated files are identified as GIF.

The Social Media Text file (.xlsx) provides suggested text to pair with the images in your posts.

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<h1>Remote Learning Tips - MP4</h1>

Remote Learning Tips - MP4

This animated short is ready to be downloaded and used by districts to post on web sites and social media. Click Read More to view and download...Read more
<h1>Mental Wellness Tips - MP4</h1>

Mental Wellness Tips - MP4

“Mental health and wellness are just as important as good instruction. To learn, our children must be emotionally healthy..." Click Read More to view and download...Read more
<h1>Consejos para apoyar salud mental - MP4</h1>

Consejos para apoyar salud mental - MP4

Spanish version MP4. Click Read More to view and download...Read more