Grants Development


The Grants Development Office advises on grant writing and development for LACOE, leverages partnerships and funding opportunities, and oversees the approval and acceptance of gifts and donations. The office works with public agencies, foundations, businesses, and individuals to support programs serving the county's youth. LACOE does not generally provide grants to external organizations or individuals.

Featured Services
Money Monitor (In Progress)
The Money Monitor Grants Bulletin provides information on grant opportunities and other resources for K-12 education. Please contact Grants Development at (562) 922-6112 for a copy.
Donations to LACOE
Organizations and individuals interested in making a donation to LACOE should contact the appropriate program manager or the Grants Development Office at (562) 922-6112.
Grants Development assists LACOE with building and sustaining partnerships across the community, county, and state to support student learning, educational programs, and leadership.
Friends of LACOE: A Foundation for Learning
Friends of LACOE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner that helps support LACOE's programs....Read more