Certificated Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is seniority determined?
Seniority for LACOE staff is determined as the first day of paid service in a probationary position.

Q: I viewed the seniority list and there are 10 people on the list with less seniority than I have. Why did I get a RIF notice and they did not?
You received a RIF notice because you do not hold the certification that the person with the junior seniority date has and is necessary for the position assigned.

Q: What happens if my seniority is a tie with another employee?
A resolution will be developed determining the order of termination amongst Certificated Personnel with the same seniority date. Whenever there is a tie the criteria listed in the resolution will be applied.

Q: Why are there names of retired or deceased employees on the seniority list?
The HRIS seniority list contains the names of current and separated employees for three years. The HR System does not purge records until all activity related to an employee’s record ceases. Such activity includes generation of W-2 forms and health benefits for COBRA-eligible dependents.

Q: Why did I get placed in a position so far from where I live?
There has been no placement as of yet. The assignment identified for a particular teacher is merely for illustration as place holders.

Q: How soon will rescission letters be sent out?
There is no guarantee that positions identified to be eliminated will be restored, but should funding be secured for the ensuing school year rescission notices will be mailed out.

Q: If I received a March 15 letter but do not receive a May 15 letter what does that mean?
It means that your job is secure for the ensuing school year.

Q: How can I help colleagues in distress due to the RIF?
Calmly acknowledge and reassure the employee that what is happening to individuals at LACOE is difficult and unfortunate. Let the employee know that HRS understands the negative impact of budget cuts and uncertainty. These feelings are a normal response to the current situation. Communicate that support is available through EASE by calling (800)882-1341, or they may contact their health-care provider.

Q: Who do I contact for more information? Health insurance benefits – When will they end?
  • How do I sign up for COBRA and how much will it cost? Contact the Benefits Office, (562) 822-6800 or (562) 803-8392
  • Section 125 Plans – What happens to my flexible spending account? Contact Discovery Benefits (866) 451-3399
  • Leave balances – Will I get paid for my vacation and/or sick leave? Contact Mercy Saldana, Payroll Supervisor at (562) 803-8427 or email saldana_mercyl@lacoe.edu
  • Unemployment Insurance – How do I apply? Contact your local EDD office directly.
  • Assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills. Contact HRS/Employee Training and Orientation of call (562) 401-5786.
  • Confidential counseling and support. Contact EASE (800) 882-1341
  • Education employment opportunities can be found at www.edjoin.org