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Human Resource Services is dedicated to providing all substitute employees at LACOE with useful information and resources to enhance their success in servicing students and staff at all sites. Please bear with us as we build a site for substitutes that provides valuable information on important topics such as: training topics and resources, annual mandated reporter requirements, sick leave reporting and ongoing requested information from the field. Thank you for all you do to help make LACOE a success! Your suggestions about information you would like to access at this site are welcome, feel free to contact Jennifer Burchett at burchett_jennifer@lacoe.edu to provide input.
Resources and Information
$180 Daily Rate at Additional LACOE Sites$180 Daily Rate at Additional LACOE Sites
Effective November 1, 2018, the District is now offering a $180 daily rate for Substitute Teachers at additional LACOE School Sites. Please see the enclosed list for the exact locations where this rate now applies! Thank you for all you do for our students!...Read more
Submitting Partial-Day RequestsSubmitting Partial-Day Requests
Need assistance submitting Partial-Day Requests in NOVAtime? Click here for a quick guide...Read more
Reduction In Force Letter for SubstitutesReduction In Force Letter for Substitutes
A recent letter has been sent to your home address containing important information about the availability of substitute work, lack of service, site closures, etc. A copy is enclosed for your review, please ensure you take the time to familiarize yourself with all District communications. ...Read more
Certificated Substitutes Information Certificated Substitutes Information
There is so much to know when serving as a certificated substitute at LACOE! Please stop by here often as we update our website with important information and resources whenever possible to keep you informed!...Read more
 Substitute Paraeducator Information Substitute Paraeducator Information
Substitute Paraeducators provide vital assistance at all LACOE schools! We dedicate this section of the website to all substitute Paraeducators and happily provide resources and information that we hope you find helpful as you serve our students!...Read more
Annual Employee Badges-Required to Enter Work SitesAnnual Employee Badges-Required to Enter Work Sites
Due to enhanced security measures, all substitutes are issued a new employee ID badge annually. Each new fiscal year this badge is mailed to the home address on file in HRS. Please refer to the updates at this link for further information and to contact Security Services with questions....Read more
Substitute Sick Leave Reporting GuidelinesSubstitute Sick Leave Reporting Guidelines
Important Reminder: Substitute sick leave is to be reported in a timely manner. This means by the acceptance of the next assignment or within the same month that the sick leave is being requested. Further details enclosed here.....Read more
Maximum Teaching Permit AuthorizationMaximum Teaching Permit Authorization
All substitutes holding a 30 day Teacher Permit must monitor the number of days in an academic year that they substitute for a particular teacher, or substitute in the same vacant position number. Please see the attached memo for complete details......Read more
Lack of Service for Substitutes-Cause for Removal from Sub Pool!Lack of Service for Substitutes-Cause for Removal from Sub Pool!
In addition to other legally mandated requirements to remain a LACOE employee, effective July 2019 the District terminates substitute employees who have not worked in a 3-month period. Please note: the District reserves the right to modify this requirement to a shorter duration at any time....
Jobulator-AESOP Substitute  Jobs Phone AppJobulator-AESOP Substitute Jobs Phone App
This phone app will allow you to have access to jobs as a substitute at LACOE almost immediately after they have been entered into AESOP! Visit this link to gain information on this opportunity to expedite receipt of AESOP job requests in a convenient way!...Read more
Paid Sick Leave InformationPaid Sick Leave Information
Substitutes are now eligible for paid sick leave, 30 hours of work accrues 1 hour of paid sick leave. NOVAtime must be used to request sick leave. Training is provided through Target Solutions. Feel free to contact the sub desk for assistance or for more information at 562-803-8373. ...Read more
Mandated Reporter Training Help GuideMandated Reporter Training Help Guide
Videos to assist with the Target Solutions training for Mandated Reporter are here! If you continue to need assistance with logging onto this training or do not have your log in information, please contact the LACOE help desk at helpdesk@lacoe.edu. Thank you!...Read more