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Per Labor Code 245.5 no sick leave can be accrued by a PERS Retirant. Please feel free to visit this link to view the LACOE Superintendent Policy in its entirety: Superintendent Policy 
No, the sick leave accrued as a substitute is only available while still in active substitute status.
No, the 30 hours can be worked at any time throughout the fiscal year of July 1-June 30.
For every 30 hours worked as a substitute, you accrue 1 hour of sick leave. You can use it in a minimum of 2 hour increments and at a maximum of 24 hours in a fiscal year. 
Your sick leave hours balance is on your checkstub and also be viewed within your account in NOVAtime. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Burchett, HRIS Coordinator by e-mail or by calling 562-922-6739.
Go to the Aesop website at www.aesoponline.com. There you will find a link, just under the log in area called “Pin Reminder.” By entering your employee type, phone number, first and last name AESOP will send your PIN directly to the email you have on file. If you still have trouble logging in, contacting the Sub Desk for help at 562-803-8371 or via email at sub_desk@lacoe.edu.
The 30 days worked with the organization do not need to be consecutive and can be for any period from July 1-June 30th. However, please note the employee must be employed for a minimum of 90 days to be eligible to use accrued sick leave. 
If you missed a phone call from Aesop, you can attempt to call back by dialing at 1-800-942-3767 and provide your phone number when prompted for your ID number.  You will hear a current list of available jobs and can then choose if you want to accept one. You can also login online to view  available jobs any time at www.aesoponline.com. Act quickly! Aesop is programmed to call the next substitute in line until the job has been accepted.
Please contact the Payroll Department to obtain further details on use and reporting of sick leave by selecting this link to send an email Payroll Email.
If you only want to work at certain schools and don’t want job offers from others, it’s as easy as setting up your “Schools” list in your preferences. Here, you can specify what locations you want to see jobs for, or specify those you do not. For help setting up that list, you can reference the Preferred Schools article. If you are unable to create that list, please contact your district Aesop Administrator for help in setting up that list.
The maximum hours that can be accrued are 48 hours over multiple fiscal periods. However, only 24 hours can be used in a fiscal period of July 1-June 30 and if they are not used the cannot be carried over to another District or cashed out. 
Please notify LACOE soon as you know you will be out using AESOP, the online system that is accessible 24 hours a day. If you wish to add an absence after your site is open for the day, please contact the site and request that they enter your absence in the system. Otherwise, feel free to contact the Sub Desk at 562-803-8373 or via email at sub_desk@lacoe.edu to communicate your absence. The friendly staff will help you make all the necessary notifications. Please be sure to provide your complete name, confirmation number from AESOP and call back number when emailing or if leaving a voicemail message. 
​There are a number of possible reasons that jobs aren't showing up as available within AESOP. First check to make sure that you aren’t limiting yourself in based on the setting within the “Schools” preferences tab. Also, make sure that you have your call times set up properly to allow for maximum job offers to be sent out to you during your preferred time(s) to be reached. Lastly, if you have not completed the annual mandated reporter training, you have not obtained the necessary skills to see any substitute jobs and must contact the Sub Unit immediately at sub_desk@laco.edu to obtain the training information.