Welcome Substitute Certificated Staff of LACOE!

Substitute Employment at LACOE has many facets, we are here to help you be successful and to provide useful information!


We are here to assist our certificated substitute staff with information and helpful resources to help you do the best you can when serving the students of Los Angeles County Schools. Feel free to reach out to us at sub_desk@lacoe.edu if you do not find what you are looking for on the website, we are here to assist you! Thank you for all that you do to make education at LACOE such a success!
TPSL-Temporary Permit for Teachers On Statutory Leave OpportunityTPSL-Temporary Permit for Teachers On Statutory Leave Opportunity
LACOE is in the process of considering a program which would allow for Substitute Teachers to participate in a training that would provide for a temporary permit for teachers on statutory leave or TPSL. Please contact Jennifer Burchett at burchett_jennifer@lacoe.edu to seek further information....Read more
Looking to Renew Your Teaching Credential?Looking to Renew Your Teaching Credential?
Are you interested in renewal of your credential? Information and directions on how to do so can be obtained by clicking here to visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website and selecting credentialing information. You may renew up to a year in advance!...Read more
Need Help Renewing Your Credential? Need Help Renewing Your Credential?
Enclosed find step-by-step directions on how to renew your credential using the California Teacher Credentialing website. Included is information on how to communicate with LACOE if you have completed the process or need help with the navigation of the site for this purpose. ...Read more
Summer SubstitutesSummer Substitutes
Interested in subbing at LACOE during Summer? Please feel free to reach out to the site or to the LACOE Sub Unit at sub_desk@lacoe.edu to find out more about this opportunity....Read more
Do You Qualify to be a Substitute Teacher at LACOE?Do You Qualify to be a Substitute Teacher at LACOE?
Interesting in becoming a Substitute Teacher or Counselor at LACOE? Take a look at the job descriptions at the links on the right to find out about the current minimum qualifications. Then go to the current employment opportunities link to see if we are actively recruiting for the sub pool....