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In response to Executive Order N26-20 issued by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 13, 2020, programs closed its schools and implemented a distance learning plan to ensure the continuity of high-quality educational opportunities for students. LACOE Juvenile Court and County Community and Independent Study Schools recognize the importance of providing students the opportunity to engage in rigorous content and stay connected to their teachers and support staff. To that end, students will interact with teachers via a LACOE custom-built application called JCS Online Learning. During remote instruction students enter a LACOE customized Teams environment, and are able to communicate and engage with their teacher as well as view “live” direct instruction. Students are assigned grade-level work related to the Road To Success Academies (RTSA) academic units and complete and turn in the work using digital instructional applications without having to print a document

JCS COVID-19 Distance Learning
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LACOE Ed Programs LCAP Notices/Meetings

Notice of Public Hearing on Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

Aviso de Audiencia Publica del Plan de Continuidad y Asistencia del Aprendizaje

The Los Angeles County Court Schools Special Education Local Plan Area Annual Budget and Service Plans for 2020-21



Phase I – Distance Learning via Student Portfolios

On March 13, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N26-20 regarding the physical closure of schools by local educational agencies (LEAs) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase I began immediately after school closures. On March 16th Juvenile Court Schools (JCS) began implementation of Distance Learning via Student Portfolios. The plan for each school varied to account for the different types of populations and resources available to each student. Student portfolios were created for each student based on California Standards and included supplemental work to address the needs of students.

The goal of the distance learning plan is to stay connected digitally and provide continuity of services. The plan addresses four main priority areas:

  • Distance Learning
  • Family Engagement
  • Special Education
  • Transition and Aftercare

Phase II – Distance Learning via Remote Instruction

Phase II began on on April 6th with the first remote class at Visions County Community school. On April 10th the first Distance Learning via Remote Instruction pilot began at Campus Kilpatrick, Our long-term goal is to provide teacher interaction and assistance to students through the Microsoft online learning platform (TEAMS).

PHASE II of this plan will include the following:

  • The first Distance Learning via Remote Instruction pilot began in one classroom at Campus Kilpatrick on April 10th/ 13th
  • A second pilot began at Central Juvenile Hall on April 16th
  • A third pilot began at Camp Scott on April 17th
  • Additional pilots may be added. Pilots will run for approximately one week / 5 days
  • The week of April 20th all other schools will begin to use Remote Instruction
  • Teachers have received training on TEAMS for Education. All teachers will have completed training as of April 17th
  • An overview of the JCS Online Learning can be found at:

COVID-19 Prevention:

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the County’s juvenile facilities LACOE will follow public health guidelines including implementing social distancing measures within each classroom.


Concurrent College Enrollment

Starting April 20th, students from all camps will participate in an 8-week concurrent enrollment online course with Glendale Community College. The course, Career Planning, will not only allow the students the opportunity to gain both High Sschool and college credit but will also help students choose a career goal by assessing and analyzing personal values, aptitudes, skills, interests, and traits and relating them to career areas.


Any questions or need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact CTE / Concurrent Enrollement Program Manager, Mary Sanchez (562-922-6665,, or Curriulum and Instruction Interim Project Director II, Daniel Ruiz (562-803-8249,

Specialized academic instruction and related services have continued in alignment with the implementation of the distance learning plan. In following guidance from the California Department of Education* and the United States Department of Education (USDOE) Office of Special Education Program's (OSEP)** , the goal is to facilitate and support equitable access to curriculum and instruction through all available means for students with disabilities. Special education teachers and related service providers prepare and deliver instruction and related services through available modalities of student engagement including: Student Learning Portfolio preparation and processing to differentiate and scaffold to the student’s individual needs; telephonic support and services; virtual classroom instruction participation through co-teaching in both lesson preparation and instructional delivery; and connection rooms to provide 1-1 service and support. Additionally, families and students are engaged through IEP meetings. IEP Team meetings have been and will continue to be scheduled and held through various platforms including telephone conference and virtual meeting programs.

Special Education Guidance for COVID 19 (CDE)

United States Department of Education Supplemental Fact Sheet

Any questions or need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact SELPA Coordinators, Lizabeth Thompson (562-803-8338, or Heather Whitaker (562-803-8338,

The LACOE Counseling Team members understand that students transitioning from juvenile hall and camp school facilities back to their schools and communities may need additional supports to ensure timely enrollment. School Counselors will continue to provide comprehensive school counseling services via virtual platforms. The LACOE Educational Programs team is here to advocate and assist all former students transitioning during this time and in fact, all students not currently enrolled in an educational program.

In addition, LACOE counselors across the County have acted quickly, shifting practices to meet the educational needs of LACOE students in new ways. This is a time of challenge, and uncertainty, but also triumph as we find new ways to support our students and families in this new context. LACOE school counselors are providing services utilizing a variety of means and varying levels of technology as they work to find the best ways to connect and communicate with students and families. Connecting and supporting our students and their families is our top priority.


Any questions or need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Senior Program Specialist, Tapau Osborne (562-922-6343,, or Registrar Coordinator, Larry Canter (562-922-8894,

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