Student Records

LACOE's Student File Center, located in Downey, is responsible for maintaining records for all present and past pupils enrolled in LACOE's Juvenile Court Schools and Alternative and Special Education programs.

If you require records from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) or International Polytechnic (IPoly) High School, please contact the school directly:

LACHSA: (323) 343-2787
IPoly: (909) 839-2320

LACOE does not have access to nor keep records or transcripts for students enrolled in schools located in the county's 80 school districts. If you require records for a student enrolled in one of these schools, please contact the relevant district office.

LACOE's Student File Center:
  • is a clearinghouse and is responsible for fulfilling student record requests within the legal timeline;
  • responds to requests for transcripts, school records and diplomas; and
  • monitors the various types of diplomas and certificates awarded by LACOE.
Requests for transcripts, school records and/or diplomas must be in writing. Schools and agencies such as courts may request these records without parent/guardian or adult pupil permission. All other requests must have a signed consent from the parent/guardian or adult pupil.

If you would like your official transcript and/or diploma, please send a written request by mail to:

Los Angeles County Office of Education
Attn: Student File Center
9300 Imperial Highway, EC 2090
Downey, CA 90242

Fax transcript requests to: (562) 469-4244
Fax diploma requests to: (562) 469-4346 

  • Make sure to include your full name, date of birth, dates of attendance, school you last attended, phone number, address and your signature on the request.
  • All requests for diplomas will be accepted starting 30 days after your graduation date.
  • Pick-up is available by appointment only by calling the phone number provided above.

Phone number for the LACOE Student File Center: (562) 922-6322