Inspection Schedules

LACOE provides notice of upcoming Williams Facility Inspections to Districts and School Sites via posting of schedules below and direct contact to School Sites and Districts one to two weeks in advance. 

First inspections of the day are scheduled to begin at 8:00am.  Second, third and fourth inspections starts sometime after 10:00am, depending on the length of time needed for the previous inspections.  Unannounced inspections are not included in the schedule (see “Why is my inspection unannounced?”).

It is recommended that you view the Recommendations for Good Repair document and/or the Principal’s Toolkit and share with teachers, school administrators, plant managers, etc prior to your scheduled inspection.

LACOE conducts digital inspections; a PDF of your inspection report will be emailed to the Principal or designee, District contacts that we have on file and any other representative accompanying our visit that requests it, after our inspection.


We recommend that a District Representative participate in the inspection in addition to the School Site Representative. We feel this will facilitate better communication and result in cleaner and safer facilities for all Students, Faculty, and Staff.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call the School Facilities Compliance Manager at or 562-922-8872.

*Click here for Inspection Schedule.