Your Facility Inspection

Updated 9/1/15: Every three years, a new list, called a cohort is compiled, determined by school test scores. Once the school is on the list it will remain on the list for three years.

A schedule of upcoming announced inspections will be available to District Contacts approximately two weeks prior to an inspection (see schedules posted on our website).  

A phone call and/or email will notify the school site of the inspection one to two weeks prior.  

The legislation states that twenty-five percent of all schools are to be unannounced inspections. 

We inspect forty to sixty percent of the classrooms along with all common areas and all student restrooms. 

If an extreme deficiency is observed, the school will have thirty calendar days from the date of the inspection to correct the deficiencies prior to our “follow up” inspection. 

After all inspections and/or follow ups, the School and District will be notified of the results by email. 

If your site receives an overall rating of Fair or Poor for your 1st  yearly inspection, you are entitled to a second inspection (Re-Inspection), by a different inspector, as scheduling permits, prior to May 1st.