The Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools and staff of the Office of Education are responsible for:

• Conducting annual visits of the county's nearly 550 low-performing schools
• Determining whether students have access to sufficient instructional materials and whether buildings are safe, clean and functional
• Monitoring whether teachers have proper classroom assignments and certifications
• Verifying the accuracy of School Accountability Report Cards relevant to instructional materials and facilities maintenance
• Report findings
Williams Information

Schools frequently cover the walls of classrooms, hallways, etc with paper for a variety of reasons.  Paper is a fire hazard and the California State Fire Marshal has developed an Information Bulletin regarding what the acceptable limits are for each space and type of sprinkler system.  

Williams Facility Inspectors do observe the quantity of paper on the walls when inspecting schools and will mark the space as "deficient" if they are not within the limits laid out in the Fire Marshal's bulletin.
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