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PeopleSoft Financial System

The PeopleSoft Financial System centralizes and standardizes
LACOE’s financial processes. The system is used to process
commercial warrants for all K-12 districts and community colleges
in Los Angeles County, and produces close to 800,000 commercial
warrants during a calendar year.

The primary modules of PeopleSoft Financial System are:
  • General Ledger: the core of the PeopleSoft Financial System.  It is used to track budgets, revenues and expenditures.
  • Accounts Payable: used to create vouchers, approve vouchers, receive goods and update vendors
  • Commercial Claims: a custom process that allows the Commercial Claims unit to audit and approve school districts’ non-salary payments
  • Bank Reconciliation: a centralized function that LACOE provides for all districts that matches payment information from the bank to the PeopleSoft database on a daily basis
  • Purchasing: used for the purchase of services and goods. It streamlines the procurement process through sourcing of requisitions; and Inventory, used to maintain, adjust and issue the items available at the districts’ warehouses. It is also used to conduct a periodic, physical check of inventory balances.