EVERFI Life Skills Curriculum

EverFi provides free web-based curriculum that address life skills such as digital citizenship, STEM, financial literacy, healthy relationships, and career readiness. Teachers get access to student scores, supplemental lesson plans, standards alignment, and free professional development.

K-12 Critical Skills Courses

Our programs are meant to enhance the already existing units teachers have planned which makes them a great addition to implement as introductions to new topics, or as a reflection activity once a subject has been introduced to students. As another option, there are a variety of subject-friendly engagements throughout the year, for example Financial Literacy Month in April, that will make it a great time to integrate our programs into the classroom.    







Grade Level





  Six 25 minute modules   4-6
  Students learn about wants, needs, and the value of money. 

          3-5   Twelve 15 minute modules   5-7  

Students learn STEM concepts through the game of hockey.


  Seven 25 minute modules     6-8   Students learn how to support their friends through complex financial scenarios regarding goal setting, college savings, borrowing and economics. 



2-3   Six 25 minute modules   7-9   Students learn how to navigate relationships and emotional decision-making processes. 
             4   Seven 30 minute modules    6-9   

Students learn how to be safe, responsible and respectful online.  
             8    Nine 45 minute modules    9-12  

Students learn about saving for college, building a budget, the importance of credit and more.
             10    Sixteen 25 minute modules   8-10   

Students learn about STEM careers, mathematics, coding, and more.